Building Inspections and Development Services

Civil Systems, Inc. provides an automated web application and contractor registration process. This registration and permitting system was specifically designed as an affordable option for any size city or town which may not be able to afford in-house development, costly subscriptions, or annual license fees. For cities, towns, and counties we:

  • Eliminate the outdated paper-based PDF forms.
  • Verify registration requirements received such as:
    • Driver License
    • State Trade Licenses
    • Insurance
  • Provide real-time access and reporting so you can ensure contractors are actively registered prior to issuing building permits.
  • Pause registrations as soon as information expires or removed.
  • Seek renewals versus lapses!
  • Require no upfront fees or costly annual licenses.
  • Deposit funds collected via U.S. Treasury into municipal bank accounts.
  • Offer secure environment. At no point do we store payment methods.
  • Maintain PCI Compliancy.
  • Allow after-hours revenue.
  • Ensure registrations are managed fairly.
  • Mitigate the city’s significant liability risk for not verifying contractor information.
  • Manage registrations fairly.

We are anxious to show you how we can modernize your city and improve public safety. Request your no obligation demo today by contacting Most demos can be completed in 30 minutes. Our product sells itself!
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