Civil Systems, Inc. provides electronic automated registration and permitting services including management and verification services.

We provide a robust and secure solution for administration, maintenance, fee collection and direct deposit into bank accounts. At no point in time will we store payment method information for data breach security reasons.

We provide a logical, natural, and environmentally friendly choice because we do not rely on outdated paper forms, processes, and physical mail processing.

User Interaction
Information is gathered through specific input screens and stored digitally in a secure database, eliminating reliance on printing, mailing, and storing costly paper-based forms. System-based communications such as receipts, notifications, and reminders, are emailed.

We provide real-time online reporting 24/7.

No initial startup fees or expensive annual license fees are required. Our pay-as-you-go option provides flexibility based on percentages or fixed administration fees. All fees are supported by a contract and services agreements.

Easy Startup
Our templates provided data import options for initial startup or easy transition from other less than stellar systems. Entities simply export and format data into templates for easy data migration into our robust system.

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